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[测试机资料] Verigy HP93K RF模块培训材料 完整版 [ppt] [复制链接]

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发表于 2012-9-16 10:36:32 |显示全部楼层
18个ppt 总 28MB

RF Hardware Outline
? RF Hardware Elements
? RF Subsystem Configuration
? RF Source Card
? RF Front End Card
? MB-AV8 Card
? RF Port naming
? MB-AV8 Characteristic Data
? Pogo Mapping

RF Software Outline
Tester Configuration and the Model File
Pin Configuration
Pogo Mapping File
Overview Test setup concept
RF Test development perspective in Eclipse
RF Test setup browser
Define/View/Manage all user defined RF Test Definitions
RF Test Setup Browser
HW View in RF Test Setup Browser
Hw View in Analog Setup tool
Appendix: Port Scale Internal Pins

Port_scale_RF_Taining_slide_sets.part5.rar (1.75 MB, 下载次数: 1549)

Port_scale_RF_Taining_slide_sets.part4.rar (3.81 MB, 下载次数: 1287)

Port_scale_RF_Taining_slide_sets.part3.rar (3.81 MB, 下载次数: 1378)

Port_scale_RF_Taining_slide_sets.part2.rar (3.81 MB, 下载次数: 1340)

Port_scale_RF_Taining_slide_sets.part1.rar (3.81 MB, 下载次数: 1383)

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