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[质量管控] SPC培训材料 [复制链接]

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SPC_TRAINING_MATERIALS_Rev_1.pdf (1.21 MB, 下载次数: 1459)

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants
will be able to:
• Understand the basic concepts of SPC for
  process improvement
• Develop variable and attribute control
• Interpret Process Capability Indices (PCIs)
• Interpret and analyze control charts

Course Outline
Module 1  : Basic Concepts
     SPC basic concepts, SPC toolbox,
     historical aspect, concept of variation,
     variance reduction technique
Module 2 : Review of Fundamental Statistics
     population vs. sample, distribution,
     measures of center and spread,
     skewness, Normal distribution, Central
     Limit Theorem (CLT)
Module 3 : Control Charts
     Xbar and R, Xbar and S, X-MR, p chart,
     u chart, analysis of control chart
Module 4 : Process Capability
     old and new philosophy of quality,
     process capability definition, process
     process capability indices, capability
Module 5 : Exercises
•  Start and Stop times
•  Breaks
•  You are responsible for learning
•  Active participation
•  Questions are good
•  Importance of applying right away

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Where is Administration ict.ivfan.com??

Can I contact admin??
It is important.

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Where is Administration ict.ivfan.com??

Victorzet ??? 2021-8-27 22:17
Can I contact admin??
It is important.

Can I contact admin??
I'ts important.

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