Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why NEDA price is so low and support multiple users online?
Q: NEDA is designed a light system which provide typical analysis methods which are most used by engineers, it does not provide as much function as other expensive tools.
2. Will NEDA provide more features and functions?
Q: Sure, we will keep improving NEDA and developing more functions.
3. Will NEDA price be increased in future versions?
Q: Yes, we could increase NEDA price in future versions. But don't worry, if your license is valid, you can get free updating.
4. What can affect extracting speed?
Q: 1. Your server hardware speed, better server will get higher extracting speed.
     2. Online user quantity, it will become slower if you get more users online at the same time.
     3. Network speed between your server and STDF filer, network speed to your STDF filer is limitation of extracting speed.
5. Can SESS extract other format test data other than STDF?
Q: SESS is designed as a standard e-Summary system which is base on STDF (Standard test data format). But if customer need to extract other format test data, we could provide customized development service.
5. How to get NEDA Desktop Edition trial license?
Q: 1. If you have internet access, just open NEDA Desktop Edition, go to menu Help->License->Activate online, fill in forms and then NEDA will auto activated with 30 days trial license if everything is correct.
     2. Leave a message on our support page
     3. Send email to with your machine code after you installed NEDA Desktop Edition on your computer.